Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Future Is War

Proof that my bubble is a big bubble: Baseline Scenario's The Future Of the Democrat Party:

A lot of liberals like me spend our time wondering what the conservatives have done right—and why we can’t do it ourselves. The financial crisis and Great Recession should have debunked the ideology of deregulation, reinforced growing feelings of economic insecurity, and made people recognize the importance of the social safety net. Instead, we got the Tea Party and the most conservative Congress in living memory.

These people are living on a different planet, but they have similar issues as the average America conservative:

Voting for Hillary Clinton is doing the same thing one more time and hoping for a different outcome. Voting for Bernie Sanders is a way to show that liberals will stand up for their principles—while increasing the chances that the other side will control the White House for four years. That’s the choice we face. Conservatives in our position would go with principles. What will we do?

A vote for Bernie is a vote for honesty. Since these guys are on a different planet, they seem unable to realize most Republicans will serve them just as well as Hilary, probably better, since she's made a lot of enemies (many on her own side) who will seek to thwart her regardless.

But, what is crystal clear, is that they are upset they don't get more, when they should be amazed they've got away with what they have.

And that's why I suspect the future is war.

Being on the winning side is far from certain, especially since the right's idea of when to fight back appears to be never.

But nothing will stop these people. They don't blink at the constitution or anything else. They don't really care about anything but whatever is next on the progressive agenda.

Maybe I should change the title to, the future is wanton murder, since that is more likely. There may be battles, but it is likely to be brawls between two different Democrat constituencies- as they get ever more, they'll start to squabble over whose portion is 'fair.' Those armed in this country, are likely just to be demonized until the Feds feel they can shoot them in broad daylight, or maybe they'll just do a S.W.A.T. raid after dark, quietly surrounding your house with more arms than even the most ardent paramilitary type could hope to match.

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