Friday, January 29, 2016

Where Dynasty Has Gone

It clicked when I was listening to Ascending the Tower, and they started talking about how much money is now wasted trying to eke a few more months of low quality existence from tail end of life. Now I understand why old folks don't act like Tobit, Jethro- nor would our modern elders be recognizable, except perhaps to the few drinking mercury laced potions in an effort to live forever. But the potion drinkers of the Orient still attended to dynastic concerns.

Essentially, our modern elders are trading dynasty for staying on, just a little longer. In some ways, I suppose I should count myself lucky, because, with the baby boomers looking everywhere for ways of increasing their lifespan and staying younger, maybe I can take advantage of this and still manage to have a family at some point in the future. Of course, I should not have to employ the strategy of outliving the stupid.

Interesting too, how the spiritual has been disinterred from the biological. There was some understanding in Christendom that the rich would give to the poor, and that the poor, in turn, would pray for their benefactors. And, naturally, a family would remember and pray for its ancestors, especially the one or ones that got them out of the poor house.

Now, great ancestors are maligned as robbers or thieves. Giving is often done in the most community destroying way possible- giving to people inimical to our way of life, propping up completely dysgenic and unsustainable modern ideologies.

They tell you do this, do that- whether it be church, school, parents, a supposed community, -whatever. I was amenable, but you get to the end where its obvious it is no longer what it purports to be, and we are used up for the lame revolutionary dreams of old fools.

A large part of the religions of the past was biological. People knew God was the God of the living, and that this was not something you could just abstract out to any living, but that you had a responsibility to your own. I know a lot of Protestants have problems with praying for the dead, but how I wish this mattered to these baby boomers. Can you imagine what would happen if they started thinking that was more important than all these other things?

It should be more important than many of these things. End of life care sucks. I'd prefer to be home, or in a forest somewhere, for my last remaining days.

I want to point out here, should this be mysterious to anyone, that most- at least, most above a certain IQ, tried for dynasty. I am not talking about everyone trying to vie for control over a country. Families all had different concerns, different ways of making a living, and different assets that they passed down to descendants over the generations, but the similarity was a view towards maintaining and improving the family's situation in the world.

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