Wednesday, January 6, 2016

They Shouldn't Take This One Down, But They Probably Will

Reality hits Ivan Jurcevic:

One of things that bothers me about me, is that I keep thinking the people in charge in various places will develop a sense of self-preservation and stop the politics. Ivan is the man on the streets, one that, previous to this riot, had mild antifa views. Reality just moved his personal Overton window.

So, they shouldn't take this one, or any others down. It doesn't work. They should learn. Oh, we have been unjust to our people for too long, and we need to make things right for them, or they will stop viewing our system as legitimate. The basic premise for a justice system is that the courts should be a way to resolve disputes non-violently. The left uses the courts unjustly, thus their behavior will, unchecked, lead to war.

My feelings are such that I find it hard to believe that the elites don't feel this too. But even at the local scale- where I live and work- there is just so much evidence that these people feel no sense of self-preservation.

Hat tip to Vox Day.

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