Monday, January 4, 2016

You Win A Culture War By Funding Your Culture

Ryan Landry points out most the post war modern art wave was C.I.A. funded:

One of the chief drives for Western propaganda in the Cold War was pitching America as a land of freedom with complete freedom of expression and speech. Frank Wisner at the CIA effectively used direct funding, money laundering schemes, and front organizations to pitch this idea. This was to contrast the rigid world of Stalin’s USSR, complete with the suppression of speech and the state-driven, Soviet world of art. In reality, most of the post-war modern art that no one really enjoys was funded and enabled by the CIA and its front organizations.

He also goes into the art scene extensively in episode 6 of Weimerica Weekly, which was likely what got some part of my subconscious ruminating on this subject.

I remember, round about the time I ended my participation with a certain group, a series of social events was being scheduled. The general theme was the culture war. The subtext, you know that part churchian cuckservatives never tell you, but becomes massively obvious the more you encounter it, is how we are losing. Not how to win, but how to lose, and lose most- I don't know what exactly. Lose most elegantly?

Anyway, it occurred to me that the reason there was a Christian European culture was because extremely rich white men hired other white men to create cultural objects. And one would suspect the average Churchian would consider these people arrogant, prideful, and likely sinful in many other ways.

But the crux of it is Medici family funded culture- the average modern member of the happy, happy, joy, joy cult funds 'missionary' situations where young women can waste their fertility while teaching poor kids songs. A serious violation of 1st Timothy, and directly the opposite of any 'city-building.' There are very obvious histories of cities and civilizations being built- the history of Venice, for instance- and none ever involved the foolishness modern Christianity seems to have been perverted to.

This is similar to the Tommorowland nonsense, given that the stated objectives cannot be served in this way.

It may be worth noting that while the ends do not justify the means, the means do not justify the ends. And, as should be obvious, if the means are not appropriate to the ends, you are wasting your time.

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