Friday, February 12, 2016

Having To Avoid Other People's Follies

One of my colleagues told me her nephew had been required to get the HPV vaccine in order to continue to go to school. He's nine, I think.

Has it been around long enough for us to point out its abject failure? Or are they going to hide, or make excuses when it becomes apparent that cervical cancer rates aren't going down?

No one ever really proposed a mechanism for that one- it just dawned on a researcher one day that the cancer-related pile of government funding was larger than the one for a mere sexually transmitted virus. Thus, we now have it enthroned in what passes for modern day science that a virus can cause cancer via irritation.

If irritation causes cancer, do you have a media vaccination? Something to keep the next ignominy at bay?

Anyway, I've long since thought that, if I ever have children, I'd have to keep them out of these stupid public schools.
I was mentioning poor incentives to pro-create, if you are smart- this is a classic example. I need enough wealth to avoid the schools and stupid requirements. I figure they don't intend harm, but at some point someone has got to figure somewhere, "Hey, I know, lets make this vaccine and then get governments to mandate it. We'll make billions, and we will be indemnified." Hopefully they figure it will be harmless- and it may be to most.

But it won't be harmless to all. And it is also harmful because it is extremely hard to teach people to understand certain things when there are P.R. agencies with multi-million dollar budgets and an agenda to make sure you aren't understood.

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