Monday, February 15, 2016

The Problem Worth Whispering About

There's a lot of whispering that the GOP leadership will steal the nomination from Trump during the convention, or that Hilary will lock up all the superdelegates and win despite a vast popular outpouring for Sanders. Those are potential scams, but, in many ways, they just highlight the existing scam nature of modern elections. To my mind, if they do this, they bring more people to my way of thinking.

No, the more sophisticated problem we face is an outsider getting in, and then the insiders (practically all of D.C.) letting everything crash. The Fed alone could cause much mayhem with tiny changes. It is already quite apparent Republicans in Congress are quite compromised, so they and the Democrats could collude and simply freeze out the President. Even within the executive branch, a Trump or Sanders may face widespread subversion.

Jesse Ventura was unable to do much as governor of Minnesota. The mainstream politicians of the state simply stymied him. And, although I am not from Minnesota, and didn't see subsequent campaigns, I can imagine the condescending nature of them. Imagine your average cuckservative asking for your vote while implying the reason everything is a mess now if because you went and voted for that big bad man four years ago.

This is more troubling, because it is not as clear to me how many Americans would be capable of understanding the reality of the situation. D.C. is it's own thing. The Republicans and Democrats who derive their power from it have more connections with each other than with the rest of the U.S. I don't know if the widescale firing Trump would need to do in order to have at least a secure administration is even legal, or possible. Sanders would be in a similar position, though I suspect a fair number of these bureaucrats were formerly dreamy eyed socialists, so they might be more well disposed to him.

Still, if the easy money dries up, if people stop propping up Wall Streets numbers, if Congress won't pass anything, and the media keeps saying it's the President's fault 24/7, then what? Assuming that it is impossible for an outsider to enact mass arrests on insiders so that he has a chance to set up a legitimate government, how then can he do it? If Trump knows who the elite players are, he could make deals with them, I suppose. Perhaps he can get congress brought to heel by promising stuff to their overlords- but will that approach actually be good for us?

Trumps wall at the Mexico border could easily turn into the gazafication of America, which is one of the reasons I think the military industrial complex could go for Trump. So, it may be possible to bring some politicians to heel, but you've still got entrenched bureaucrats on both sides who will be willing to stifle change at every turn.

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