Friday, March 18, 2016

How About the Old Ground?

ReactionaryFuture missing the general point that certain folks are good advisers to the king and not necessarily of the temperament to be kings themselves:

Libertarians are showing no sign of making the leap to realizing that a state is need for liberty, and are stuck in auto-pilot. There is no convergence coming from this angle. This is not that surprising, as libertarians are just aggressively anti-state, which in an era of progressive governance is understandable, but there is no sign of an intellectual leap to Carlyle inspired reaction.

Nonsense. A lot of this NRx/alt-right/nationalist stuff are former libertarians. Most of my principles are libertarian in nature- it is just that I notice the massive failure of equality, democracy, etc...

The idiots won't listen. I do wonder if God didn't put the beginnings of the Austrian school in Austria to give the Hapsburgs a chance, but I suppose it could be coincidence as well. Obviously, in order to wonder this, I have to imagine the Hapsburgs were capable of understanding. But now the Austrian school lives in a sea of those incapable of understanding, with governments everywhere consistently proving they don't understand- not to mention the Facebook children.

Anyway, we don't need new ground. We need old ground. Nationalism is okay if it can degrade gracefully, and we can see the return of smaller realms with more royal families, more dynasties, preferably wiser for our foolish little experiments.

But again, you keep your abstract, principle based advisers around to make sure your objectives make sense. It would always be good, for instance, for a leader to make a property rights based defense of whatever he was doing- not that it needs to sound like a defense in anyway, but, it is helpful to keep everyone on the same page. It would also be helpful if this were ultimately helpful to the realm, and not a claim against some property in France you can't hold or hope to defend.

If you look at priests, before the revolutions most of them were monarchs, now most of them are republicans. They aren't leaders, especially not in this space: they are followers. Economists are not going to be much different. These particular economists are to be commended for not being corrupted by this modern regime.

And to ramble back to the old ground point- if you stick to nationalism, you will keep a big state, you will make it run strong and well, and it will be the perfect sort of thing for the leftists to grab back in a few years. We don't want to play king of the hill anymore, so remove the hill. When they come, let them find nothing they can grab a hold of, and a people who describe themselves too sensibly for their perversions to take hold.

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