Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Both Trump And The Chinese Could Be Right

American workers are among the most productive in the world. I think right now they are considered third most productive. This is years after the flight of many manufacturing and blue collar jobs overseas because rich liberals hate watching blue collar people work. Push off the work of the lower classes to the rest of the globe, and be self-righteous about it.

Meanwhile, the the Chinese see a pattern of investment in various parts of the world, followed by a taking of profits via use of the dollar as the default currency.

And Trump, being very consistent since 1987, thinks the American version of free trade isn't free trade at all, but a way for foreigners to dump products in American markets without having to open up their own markets.

Well, if the game is in dollars, wouldn't the game players want the products in America?

In other words, both Trump and China are describing different aspects of the same scheme to exploit as much value as possible from the working class, so that a small group of American financial elites can enjoy ridiculous profits. In Trump's version of events he says America is losing because he thinks the people are America. The elites think America is themselves, and to hell with everyone not them. The Chinese, understandably, care about the Chinese- hopefully all of them, though it does look a bit like they want to become the next empire, so, subsequently, their Communist party probably houses the next elite.

Any Chinese elites would be a bit more responsive towards the masses, who, historically, have been responsible for removing the mandate of heaven. American elites don't have that history and have become quite sure that their media manipulations will work, mostly because it does work for a significant group of people. Why is Trump repeatedly called a racist? For the same reason Ron Paul was called a racist. Or any Republican, though I suppose it is a bit milder for whoever the GOP elite approves of.

Given that the left is always for a big state, the constant shrieking about racism seems counter-productive. Surely anyone capable of logic would think, gee, maybe we shouldn't have a government so large and powerful that a racist could actually cause us problems. In other words, everyone buying this nonsense should be voting libertarian or at least small government, but they don't. People buy this stuff, and the elite must be patting themselves on the back. They've managed to completely stop the ability to reason in particular sections of society, assuming it was there at all.

But anyway, if the winners are a small group of Americans, and the losers have been American workers, followed by various foreign workers as infrastructure has been built up in various places, only to have the rug pulled out from under when the American dollars are pulled back home, then both Trump and China are describing reality.

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