Thursday, March 17, 2016

Libertarians Shiv Themselves

I am noticing quite a few of the more mainstream (for libertarians) outlets go in the absolutely wrong direction, with one particular person (who should know better) acting as if the world needed more progressive anti-racists because of the existence of Trump supporters.

First, this points up the existence of class warfare- of higher status whites against those of a perceived lower status. These libertarians are either academics or journalists.

Second, they are missing the chance to get through to their own perceived class- i.e. stop being unjust!

Why should they do that? Libertarianism is supposedly about principles. Sure, there are principles or three the mainstream libertarian doesn't get, but most proclaim they do get the idea that if the free market isn't allowed to operate, then we are all worse off. So, people with a damn platform ought to explain to their denser classmates that picking women and minorities for diversity purposes is a: unjust and b: leads to a Trump sort of thing. Or maybe point out all the stupid regulations they've passed over the years pushed good blue collar jobs over the years. Or how government costs created the big box stores and put mom and pops out of business.

It is right there in the equation. Want to achieve economies of scale? Make your marginal revenue equal marginal cost. So, every damn time you make a free market argument for economies of scale, it is easy, is it not, to point out that, given the nature of modern government, the economies of scale we see are larger than they otherwise would be? Yet libertarians tend to argue autistically on this point, acting as if the existence of larger companies is the scale necessary to do the companies named business, like making widgets or being a grocery store, when the scales we see today in various industries are the scales necessary to deal with government. It costs a lot to do business with government, but if you get big enough, you can also get a lot of value out of government, and hobble your competitors as well.

So, right here and now there are a lot of potential talks to be having here. Trump isn't pushing free market ideas, but in politics even those pushing free market ideas aren't pushing free market ideas. This is actually a point of agreement between Trump and China. They both think there hasn't been a real free market. Now, they differ on which nation got the free ride, but increasingly, no one takes free market talk seriously. Globally, it is most likely considered as a way for America to extract more resources. Here at home, people get into the job market and can see HR departments can't even give IQ tests, and are often infested with progressives, so in place of decent hiring practices, we are likely to get someone who fits a particular ideology rather than someone competent.

There's only so long the injustice can be borne. Many on the left know this on an unconscious level, which is why we hear so much about domestic terrorists every time a democrat is in office, like scare stories among French plantation owners in Haiti.

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