Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Who Is Capable of Learning?

I think about this a lot, since I wasted a lot of time in my youth being a young conservative/libertarian type trying to earnestly martial my ideas. The propaganda of equality was quite unfortunate- and I was gullible to that sort of propaganda for some reason. Meanwhile, global warming, various economic ideas- these were things I could easily see people were wrong about.

So, it is in the news in various places that Mitt Romney has positioned himself in a manner where he could become the Republican nominee. Romney is, in large part, responsible for the incredibly poor treatment of Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters. Romney and the GOP elite fought the grass roots movement, and in doing so, they've largely rendered themselves vulnerable to a Trump. I think we can clearly tell Romney and much of the GOP can't learn.

Meanwhile, why are Soros funded protestors infiltrating Trump rallies? Why are petulant journalists fabricating this mantra of hate and violence from Trump, when it is obvious this is hatred and violence for Trump? Why are candidates across the spectrum blaming Trump and/or Trump supporters? These are people who want to go see Trump ramble on for three hours- they are not there to fight. We can see who is there to fight. Well, I say 'we' advisably. Clearly the media expects us to be incapable of reason and declare perpetrators victims and vice versa.

And I suspect this works for certain groups of people. I think of vast swathes of middle management in this country, many selected for race or gender concerns rather than capability, and in this age of mediocrity, it is so very easy to imagine you are competent; that the job you are doing is just fine. The can't countenance someone with a skillset- or even just the ability to notice something is wrong. Identify certain problems- become a social outcast.

So I am not thinking many people are learning.

I do think Trump is learning. First, he actually acts like he is capable of learning. Second, the people who make him an enemy give him information. So, presumably, he has more information now than he did before Chicago. There is the basic reality of what happened in the streets of Chicago. There are also the so-called 'conspiratorial' things, like who paid for it.

And then, too, I suppose more people- especially people who like Trump- are learning.

And the responses shall be interesting.

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