Monday, April 4, 2016

Suspension Of Disbelief

When I go through the trouble of trying to watch something, I am actually trying to suspend my disbelief, but lately it seems like people are insistent on doing questionable things. If, for instance, you attempt to write something about ballet, please remember ballet is actually hard work. They've got to eat, train, sleep. Psychosis, excessive drug use, or even just badly timed late nights will tank their career. Whatever relationships they have had damn well better be low-key non-dramatic affairs, ideally of the sort that would be, in an earlier age, marriage. Indeed, one would think, given the discipline necessary, they should have more in common with a monk.

Another noticeable transgression is the applauding of a certain character as great at something, yet mostly relying on that applause to create this assumption in the audience's mind, rather than making much of an attempt at showing direct skill (however artfully generated- I know these people are actors). I noticed this recently in a certain chef movie. There were pretty pictures of food, but it was a jumble- a montage. The actor playing the chef didn't really display much skill- he mostly displayed obsessive compulsive disorder. Similar the ballerina spent more time displaying psychological problems than she did any proficiency. Gestures of adoration from supporting actors can only go so far.

Finally, I ought to like someone. Substituting the crassness of a trainwreck for a sympathetic character doesn't bring any longevity to movies or shows.

Sure, in some cases the surreal works, but it has to be more like a fairy tale. There are always rules in fairy tales. Many writers and entertainers today are allergic to rules. They have pushed so hard on the taboo, that the taboo has become passe. Come on, it's boring. In many cases, it is mind achingly unbelievable.

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