Friday, April 1, 2016

I wonder how many Bernie voters Trump will be able to get?

The GOP elite, having already hijacked the nomination process from the rank and file several times, are weak. They didn't see a billionaire coming. I am sure they will try something, but there are other elites. There are Democrat elites and their ability to hijack is just fine. Since Bernie is a true campaign finance reform type, the media won't even cover him very much- most campaign money ends up buying adds and stuff. If the money was taken out of politics, many media companies would go broke.

Bernie supporters, of course, see it coming. They've been to the giant rallies. They've had difficulties voting. Some of them can even do enough math to delegate counts and stuff.

So, when the convention comes and goes, and the elites get their way again, what's the answer?

Well, first, if they are actually mad about money in politics- especially business as usual money; the money that supposedly motivated the Occupy Wall Street crowd- Trump is the only candidate not using that money.

Second, if they want change, they must know the two party system must be changed. People on the right are angry enough to break the G.O.P.. What about the leftists? Do they have the will to undermine their elites?

Right now they are set up against Trump. Those idiots in Chicago were all pro-Bernie. But what happens to them when they get the shaft during the convention? Do they start feeling like the Ron Paul people?

I am willing to bet Trump could talk directly to them. Not giving them what they want, but giving them a win against those who took the process away from them.
They will be very emotional- they are very emotional now. Obviously they are not people who need to be anywhere near the reigns of power, because Bernie is a mess and his policies are retarded. But he is an honest mess. He's got more honor than the elites.

Now, obviously, the left will continue to use hate in an attempt to keep Bernie voters from voting for Trump. But I do have to wonder if they'll notice they are hating the wrong guy, and that the power structure that all of us despise is uniquely vulnerable here.

It is April 1st, but it is also intriguing to imagine.

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