Monday, May 16, 2016

Buttermilk seems to help with gut problems

I listened to Episode 1856 of Super Human Radio. Somewhere in the middle of that episode, Carl Lanore interviews Dr. Angela Zivkovic, who has done some interesting research: Lactosomes: Structural and Compositional Classification of Unique Nanometer-Sized Protein Lipid Particles of Human Milk.
It just so happened I had been trying to improve my gut health with something completely different, something oh so many people say is awesome: fiber.
In fact, two of the fibers I had found papers on- pectin and conjack root. Unfortunately, my gut doesn't read. I also tried eating small amounts of beans during that time. The whole idea here is that you need all these fibers to feed the gut biota, and some of them seem to encourage more mucin. A thicker lining of mucin should then help improve things too.

Well, ouch.

I was hurting badly enough to go straight to the health food store that I knew stocked some buttermilk. I ended up with a cultured buttermilk. It helps tremendously. It does seem to encourage my gut not to go so inflammatory. I like to drink about six ounces right before a meal.

So, suddenly buttermilk is a major part of my diet, but mysteriously- so far at least- none of the acne that I associate with milk. Additionally, despite having some sugars in it, it doesn't seem to be making me gain weight or anything. It alone is pretty filling.

I really should remember to bring some to work as well. I would like to find the root cause of whatever the hell is wrong and fix it, but in the meantime, buttermilk is doing a very fine imitation of a medicine. It is cheap and actually food as well. I may end up saving money on this deal, which is good because I probably need extra money to find competent medical care.


I noticed the buttermilk in the regular store had guar gum and a few other things in it, so it is probably important to find a local or organic brand that doesn't fool with emulsifiers.

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