Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Incompetents Cry Racism

I noticed yet another middle aged, bureaucratic woman, Elizabeth Warren, has gotten into the act of calling Trump racist. I am reminded, of course, of school. Certain outcomes, we are told are racist, but when tests show that whatever these women are doing aren't creating the outcomes they actually want, well, then we are told the tests are racist.

I supposed it doesn't occur to these women that they might actually be failing. They appear quite happy with their own assessment of their job performance.

Trump, for instance, cannot possibly be responsible for the poorer outcomes blacks had under Obama than they had under Bush. Trump wasn't in charge. Neither were any self-described racists. These women, however, do figure pretty largely at various points in the past eight years.

Now, this game seems to be taken seriously when in politics, but it would make no sense at a mechanic's shop, for instance. You could, on one side of the street, have the Pantsuit Garage, where short haired, middle age women can't keep your car on the road. Then, on the other side of the road you could have one of the nuttier types of racist- he could go on, for instance, about magical, shape-shifting Jews- but he can fix you car and keep it driving reliably.
Well, guess what? You will go to the racist guy. In many cases, you'll go- even if he is racist against you. You find somebody who actually does a good job, and you'll put up with a lot until you decide to go with someone inferior or do it yourself.

I notice a lot of these so-called concerns about Trump are concerns upper middle class women might have about a working class guy. Oh, he's crude! He called someone fat! He swears! He shouldn't treat so-and-so like that! But the working class guys get stuff done.

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