Monday, July 18, 2016

Forgotten Rules

There's this thought that I have had, which seems to me rather simple:

In a community there are the people who are 'the community.'

Then there are people who are outside but who could theoretically be a part of the community.

Then there are the people who are outside but cannot be part of the community.

Among the latter group there might be cases to be made for charity, but there are also hostiles in the latter group.

So, depending on how productive your community is, perhaps some service outside of the community is warranted.

But the life of the community requires prioritizing first for those within, then for those with potential to be, and a distant third for those with no potential. And since there are always hostiles, there should always be warriors.

All quite understandable to an ancient. I wonder what an ancient would think about estimating appropriate growth using n*(log)n.

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