Monday, July 18, 2016

Evidence For the Devil

Actions going on around the world, whether France, or nearer to home, with these cop killers display a fundamental problem- none of it preserves self.

The black community is more vulnerable than ever, both from the criminals within it, and from police officers who are going to be a lot more twitchy. And then with each new dead white guy, the chances rise that he's cousin to somebody- somebody like Napoleon, or maybe somebody like Mengele. A Mengele with access to dna research.

But even with the supposedly more sophisticated French, we see this same tragic self-destruction. If French socialism was committed to itself, and in anyway coherent, then the fraternity of the original nation would have meant not inviting so many non-french in to be "French." Indeed, by blood, and in temperament, I am more French than many who live in France now.

But French socialism is quite incoherent. Not only are those declared by the government to be French not French, they are not socialists, especially not French socialists.

We get these mad demonstrations of embracing that which will kill, not just all that we held dear, but all that keeps anything going- including the stupid socialism.

Satanic. The word means 'accuser' so there is a very secular way in which you can use this word. Think about these constant cries of racism. They are accusations.

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