Monday, July 11, 2016

The Sovereign Was Free; Now Nobody Is

So, given the rather large amount of things I read and listen to, I can't quite remember what triggered this thought, but it occurred to me a monarch had what the libertarian wants for everyone. There is a strong possibility that it simply can't be had in a modern state, in no small part because denying the monarch's right to private property is a fundamental part of the modern state. If the king doesn't have private property, what do you have?

Now, there are likely people with power and control over their property nearly to the extent of a king, but those people do not have it explicitly. They have it secretly, and it usually comes with the overhead of a plethora of lawyers.

Practically every legislative body takes to itself the power to tax our stuff. If the people who had to pay the tax where the only voters in the matter, things would be quite different, though it wouldn't necessarily always mean no new taxes, if H.O.A.s are any indication.

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