Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gaza In The U.S.A.

I've mentioned before that I think the politicians of the world are quite envious of Israeli politicians. Israeli politicians maintain a high degree of control over their citizens via the Palestinian 'problem.' The Israeli people have a problem; the Palestinian people have a problem, but the politicians are happy. Easy to squelch any little movement towards freedom via low grade conflict. Israel is still a very socialist country.

The post-Dallas media outcomes sound suspiciously like a further step forward down this road. It still sounds like brilliant ad campaign with two demographic targets, essentially selling separation and militarization.

The Thinking Housewife recently posted that The Israelis have been training U.S. Law Enforcement.

Vox Day has been pointing out this is a fourth generation war. I am in agreement, but I don't think the politicians care. It is really up to the police to see the implications of the 4GW, step away from the politicians, and re-connect with their communities. In many cases this means not implementing stupid laws the politicians want to enact.

But the push, it seems to me, is still to a Gaza style situation. Walls in your town. Militarized cops. Welcomed by many to keep lower class, more violent, and generally darker people from causing problems, but ultimately a control system for all of us.

The defense industry companies get their money from politicians, so the 'solutions' or 'products' on offer may work for politicians. They won't work for the rest of us.

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