Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Global Nationalist Alliance?

Globalists are not nationalist, and nationalists are not supposed to be globalists.

Unfortunately, this sets up a situation where the globalists can secure aid and funding from everywhere, and surround nationalists.

So here's something slightly different- we need to work out what, specifically is exploitative, and what is not. The most obvious is the labor rates of women. If women are staying home and handling family and community needs, then their efforts are not being diverted away.

There are less obvious extractive practices. I am reminded of an article I read recently about foreign shareholders trying to force certain policies in Japanese firms. This is probably exploitative of the Japanese, but since the current Japanese government appears to hold certain ideas, the foreign investors are able to use declared government intentions as validation. Now, to some extent, sure, corporations should be responsive to shareholders, but the Japanese taxpayer may have a just grievance here- depending on the company, they've suffered various expenses related to that company through their government.

There are some who simply don't have anything to trade. There are some who don't trade ethically (and some who think they do but are tragically backward- Fair Trade) And then, presumably there are those who are trading ethically and who are strengthening their people and communities. People who are genuinely trading out of their surplus.

I am not sure how to achieve this, but we could start by trying to be a little more friendly to Russia, and perhaps even ask them how they've dealt with certain issues. They've made more attempts than us to increase the birth rate and strengthen families. They've also actually been fighting terrorism for years, rather than play-acting, or just using terrorism as an excuse to engage in neo-con wars.

Additionally, there are stranding of similar thinking across Europe, in Japan, China, etc... One of the dangers- often exaggerated, because we know what nuclear weapons can do- is this idea that an increase in nationalism results in an increase in war. This was certainly true before the A-bomb, but now, the largest danger is not nationalism itself, it seems to me, but the ability of globalists to exploit any sort of conflict for ill-gotten gains. Right now we see this being done in the Middle East, but it isn't too much of a stretch to see these opportunists descend on and attempt to ratchet up, well, any conflict.

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