Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shall All Fall To The Immigration Scam?

At, Daryl Withycombe suggests all will succumb to the pressure to allow immigration:

The resistance Japan and South Korea put up against mass immigration is stronger than that in Europe and the United States, but it seems inevitable that they too will import millions of people from third world countries to prop up their stagnating economies. Having learned from Europe’s experience, they will probably look for non-Muslim migrants, perhaps from the Philippines or India. Propaganda in the media and the education system will serve to normalize the experience of being replaced and to place a stigma on those who find it upsetting, just as it does in the West.

Probably. I've seen a few articles suggesting Japan will open up some, anyway. I don't know if it something they'll be dedicated to long term, or if it is a prelude to the Olympics being held there in 2020. They are going to want to have an awesome Olympics, if nothing else, so they'll want more people who can speak English- something apparently quite hard for the Japanese to do. Even among those who learn English, there appears to be some trouble with actually being able to speak it.

Anyway, if they were actually talking about it in Jackson hole, I suppose there's American pressure as well as internal pressure.

It would be nice to see them at least implement an IQ test, if not a battery of tests. We've got genetic testing now- and you know if people are coming to your country to live, well, they are probably going to be breeding there as well. Why not make sure your immigrants are a net positive to your posterity?

Indeed, I suspect many first worlders would be willing to go to places like Japan and South Korea, especially if they knew they wouldn't be followed by the low IQ people their governments have imported.

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