Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pro-Life Identity Politics

A while back I asked Is There A False Christian Identity?.

My hypothesis was that the cultural Marxists had managed, in addition to more normal identity politics, to shoehorn in an identity or two for Christians.

Oh boy, does Trump bring these assholes out of the woodwork.

They don't appear to know they are assholes, but they are, in no small part because they've done well, compared to the rest of America, under the Bush/Clinton/Obama regime, and they are so uppity about how we should have all voted for some normal conservative candidate.

To which, if you happen to get into an argument with these people, please tell them, Hillary is preferable to a normal conservative candidate.

We need this shit to end now.

I don't really know if Trump can end it. I do, however, know he is not a normal conservative candidate. And he is not Hillary. So, presumably, he should be prefered, especially if your goal is pro-life, rather than pro-life being your identity. Foreign policy alone should tell you a Trump presidency probably means less dead people.

But, whatever, the real point to bring home is to make sure they understand we aren't going to be swayed by whether or not Hillary might win.
In fact, it might end things quicker if she wins.

I've come up against this too many times. The small groups of people actually able to have large families, decent jobs, and perhaps they can spend enough money to find a church that doesn't totally suck. They can do all those weird things doctors and lawyers do, nowadays, right before their livelihoods are going to be driven through the floor by automation, where they do things they must know are wrong at work, but then have church on weekends for some exculpatory feelings.

They want to vote, because they have the little god of democracy hidden in their little idol box, right there next to equality and niceness, but they are all bent out of shape because Trump doesn't talk purty like they want him to.

Trump talks like a builder, which is interesting. He actually does have policies. You can find his website, if your aren't a prick, and read them. And, if you've got a twelve year old reading level, you could tell they might not be stellar, but they are better than Hillary's as well as the twelve fucking dwarves' Trump beat to get to this point.

But if Hillary wins, well, she'll push too hard left, and whatever America's version of the Berlin wall is, will fail. Who knows? Maybe we'll even see Trump standing on a tank in front of Congress, doing a Boris Yeltsin impression- though that is unlikely, mostly because Trump doesn't drink.

If you've done well during the past years, you've got insulation. You've got, maybe, some insurance. You kind of want things to stay the same. There's a whole bunch of us, growing every day, who don't have the insulation. The generation younger than me are either overmedicated SJWs, or some really aggravated RAAAAAAACISSSTTSS! who took a good long look at these dysgenic states of America, and declared it degenerate. They look back fondly on the white old days of Henry Ford, innovation, and being extremely suspicious of the Jews.

Nobody cares about the normal conservative candidates. Pence is probably a bigger drag on Trump's poll numbers than any of this nonsense the media spouts off about him, because Pence is another one of these scammers who doesn't deserve to be anywhere near power.

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