Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Revival: A Serendipitous Discussion of Heresy


Back in 2014, LifeWay Research published a worrying study that suggested most Evangelicals hold views the early church long ago declared heresy. Now, a follow-up to that study has been released, and the numbers are just as concerning—and in some cases even worse—on core Christian doctrine.

Block goes on to lay out various doctrines upon which various self-described evangelicals get all wobbly on various points. Trinitarian doctrine is one of the wobbliest points:

But there is significant confusion about the equality of the persons of the Holy Trinity—and even whether some of them are persons at all. A significant majority said that Jesus is fully God and fully man (85 percent), but that number is surprisingly smaller than the high nineties expressing trust in the resurrection. What is worse, an astounding 71 percent of Evangelicals said they believe Jesus is a created being (“Jesus is the first and greatest creature created by God”). That is a significantly higher number than the 16 percent who said the same in the previous study, so perhaps we can attribute some of the confusion to misunderstanding the question.

Now, what makes this serendipitous to the post on revival is that Islam was considered a Christian heresy.

A poor understanding of the Trinity means many Christians today could basically be believing exactly what the Muslims do.

And although I don't think
Islam is as strong as Vox says it is, i do think he is right that ideas like white nationalism cannot defeat Islam. If white nationalists were truly interested in nothing but white nationalism, it might actually be expedient for them to become Muslim, and go about the business of a white ummah, and have their own all white mosques. The attempts at a neo-paganism certainly don't seem to be getting them anywhere, and pure atheism is corrosive to the community they obviously long for. There's no moral diversity directive in Islam like there is in modern Churchianity.

So those types of concerns alone shall not halt Islam. Not that it would be getting very far if we'd stop funding it.

If Islam is heresy, then one presumes an environment which is conducive to heresy is also conducive to Islam.

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