Monday, October 3, 2016

What Revival Requires

Vox Day's question, and conclusions:

So, if we accept the idea that Western civilization and Islamic civilization are in conflict, what must we logically conclude from the three quotes provided?

1. The decline of the West is the direct result of the decline of Christianity in the West, both religious and institutional.

2. The growing power of Islam in the West cannot be halted by secularism, white nationalism, or any sub-civilization-level force.

3. The preservation of the West requires a revival of Christianity.

4. The preservation of the West requires the abandonment of some, though not all, secular values, beginning with the freedom of religion, that conflict with the restoration of Christianity

Which points away from Vox's other pet idea, some sort of techno-democracy, and towards a need for a hierarchy and some sort of regularization of American Christianity. Right along side of Christianity's decline is the proliferation of denominations. Most people are idiots (a term Vox has turned into an acronym) so it follows that doctrine is only accessible to a few. Practice is what holds a people together, not doctrine.

It would take an American version of Constantine, who would have to be willing to make most Christians very uncomfortable. The existing hierarchies are used to the ease and compromise that egalitarian democracy provides them- just like secular, but more hidden elites, they enjoy various benefits of their class without having the social responsibility they would feel if they were in a system where their status were more formally recognized.

A revival of the West requires the revival of Christianity, and the revival of Christianity requires the revival of western nobility. You won't find a Constantine among egalitarians.

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