Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why Are Hurricanes Now Excuses for Unplanned Vacations?

I grew up in and near New Orleans. We stayed home during hurricanes. We'd stock up on food, water, emergency supplies.

But now it seems like a constant mantra of leave, leave, leave.

This reminds me of how the payments seem more important now that the property or the money anymore.

Back then people didn't see their stuff as interchangeable. They had a strong preference for their own stuff. They didn't want to drive somewhere else and let their stuff get destroyed in the storm.

This is, of course, different from the people who were stuck in New Orleans during Katrina, with no evidence whatsoever of having prepared for a storm. That was an example of the modern mentality- that once one place goes to hell, we can just shipp people elsewhere, and when that doesn't actually happen because it is a fairy tale not based in reality, instead of accepting reality we'll just whine about racism.

But I digress.

Because a lot of propaganda appears to be aimed at a slightly higher class of people- people who have enough credit to drive away from a hurricane and go to a hotel or something. Instead of taking care of your stuff, spend a lot of money on an unanticipated vacation! And it seems like people respond to the propaganda.

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