Friday, October 14, 2016

Trust: The Foundational Concept

'No enemies to the right' is already starting to fall apart. Especially among white nationalists, assuming a level of importance that probably doesn't exist. You have major AM talkradio talent among your ranks, but you have a problem. Problem A: existing white elite that betrays us. Their existence tells the rest of us that there is a problem with the white nationalist plan. Problem B is the white nationalists keep increasing the number of people they'd apparently like to do violence to.

In other words, betrayal is the first obvious weakness, but instead of thinking hard about how to not have betrayal, or perhaps how to really build alliances in the first place, they like to talk about killing everybody who disagrees with them instead. A doubling down on the betrayal if you will.

Meanwhile, in cuckservative land, they haven't even gotten the message. It is the current year, yet Paul Ryan- a politician one would think could be aware of his best interests- must do the idiotic thing. Hey, Paul, the whole freaking reason Trump is a the top is because we don't trust you. Not that we should necessarily trust Trump. The one good thing about Trump is that his interests are different from the criminal political class, so whatever he does, it'll be different.

Trust is the problem, but that doesn't mean there is an easy solution.

This is even happening in church. The grating reality is there is no unity. The pretend global unity, which is obviously not, cannot hide the mundane disunity. Family disunity. Friend disunity too, though that is easily hidden by gabbing about sports, movies, t.v. shows, whatever the MSM is saying about Trump this week, etc...

This isn't just the effect of diversity, although diversity certain helps encourage lack of trust, which is why they forced diversity. No, this is part of the cultural Marxist school based brainwashing. With trust the resistance could easily crush them. Lack of trust renders us weak. Unfortunately they don't seem to need trust, and appear to thrive even in environments were they stab their own.

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