Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beck Fears Competition

Steve Sailor got mentioned along with Steve Bannon:

I don't think these idiots understand. Beck keyed in on something Sailor said after Katrina. Let me search my blog here for something I said after Katrina:

Hurricane Katrina was a breaking point for me. To me, it was massive proof that government doesn't work visited upon black people. The day they started saying the government didn't work because of Bush's racism was the day I decided I would no longer give the accusation of racism the time of day. It is simply not an acceptable accusation, and most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with the argument at hand. And, with regard to Katrina, it makes the resulting pro-government position even more nonsensical; how can you be for a large redistributive government to solve all your problems when you think it can fail due to one person's racism? You can't tell somebody is a racist when you look at them, so you have no way of keeping them out of the government! The argument is full of crap.

Beck says he's made mistakes, that he's not trusted. Damn right Beck, but this sort of thing isn't getting you points. You look like two white guys who live in wealthy enclaves, don't actually care about minorities, but you are starting to worry that competent white people might be coming for your jobs. You know, the intelligent people with ideas- many of which you like to pretend are outside the realm of acceptable thought?

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