Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Inauguration: Fight a Nightmare with a Dream

Trump has a family crest. He's also managed to complicate things by making and then registering a coat-of-arms in Scotland.

My preference would be to find someone with understanding of this sort of thing, and use the more authentic family crest to come up with something you'd wave at a coronation.

Because it would be a fitting response to the Disrupt J20 movement, and the alleged purple revolution.

Fight a nightmare with a dream.

At the end of that day there'd still be a reality- a new president, and more elections. It'll probably go more billionaire/superstar too, as people with too much money and time on their hands will think they can do what Trump did. And, since politicians of both parties will continue to screen candidates of decent caliber out, only those with riches will be able to overcome them.

But the dream of that ending, of never having your future suddenly subject to the will of people. The dream of ennobling, of men and women seeking to improve themselves and their families- all a very neat counterpoint to the hell the left is intent on spewing forth at the inauguration.

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