Thursday, November 3, 2016

Getting Our Own House In Order

David Randall penned an inexplicable rant-like thing: The Failure of the Conservative Intellectuals.

It would, of course, be more like a rant if first things weren't a bunch of whiny losers, wailing and gnashing their teeth in the wilderness.


Because they won't look at this equation: cuckold + conservative = cuckservative

They don't take the point, choosing to deliberately misunderstand.

Even among the comments they didn't delete, they were told their diatribe was garbage.

Obviously, conservatives fail when they fail to conserve. They have helped the left, allowing the political sphere to expand, leaving every single issue they pay lip service to within that political sphere to serve their own purposes during election seasons. Indeed, they are responsible for their own demise, given the fact that they have left America's children to rot in public schools run by cultural Marxists. Now, suddenly, identity politics starts to burn in the hearts of the white kids, who had to put up with this dross. Now they don't care about the ideology, but about the identity, and this seems to be growing.

But Randall doesn't just mention conservatives. He mentions conservative intellectuals. An intellectual, it seems to me, ought to care about truth. Does you map fit the territory, and when better, more accurate maps come along, do you take advantage of them?

A simple example: state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. Still, as far as I know, not taken advantage of by conservatives.

So, these people, who appear to think they are Christian, are displaying ridiculous levels of childish refusals to repent. I would not be surprised to see lips quivering, pouting.

Upon these pouting children shall fall the revelations of the next four years. Things will be uncovered. The extent to which cuckservative is accurate will be made painfully apparent. Many are still pretending that all of the corruption must be on the Democrat side. The text that these conservative intellectuals continue to write only makes their culpability all the more obvious.

Repent. First Things is supposedly a Christian site, and they actually hope to have some influence. They are likely contributing to the demise of most recognizable forms of Christianity, being so transparently weak and easily led by people who obviously do not have our best interests at heart. We have, for instance, the track record of the Bushes. It is not like we can't tell Christian support of the Bushes was in vain.

Tearing our own shrieking children- who had this whole pretend world of being some sort of competent Christian conservative intellectual- off the walls, and putting them to bed is the order of the day.

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Nathaniel said...

When I was a college republican, I had a distaste already. Definite corruption at even our low level, rigged College Republican elections, sexual entanglements between at least one college girl and a married candidate. It seemed obvious things must be even worse as you go up.