Friday, November 11, 2016

Not Being An Ideologue Does Not Mean Having No Principles

I was watching a little commentary on potential issues with Japan. While they do appear to understand Trump's negotiation style a little better than the American media and the left, one of them made the mistake to which my title refers.

The context was that the Chinese appear (at least these particular people in Japan) to be confident that they can deal with Trump because Trump is a pragmatic business man, not an ideologue. Of course, the mistake is jumping to the conclusion that he therefore has no principles.

The man doing this commenting then went on and talked about how Hilary really does believe in various human rights, so he figures the Chinese would have had a harder time with Hilary. Apparently they haven't noticed the connections between Hilary and Saudi Arabia.

But anyway.

Trump most certainly has principles. He will have an internal metric for success, and it would be very good for all of us if those who may negotiate with him actually think about it. Because, it probably can be figured out, depending on the issue of course.

I have noted before how ideology actually tends to destroy principle. Apply freedom of speech in all cases, and you end up with people who genuinely believe they'll die from climate change. They'll happily stop us from speaking, and they'll vote for terrible candidates. Additionally, we see these idiots who appear to think it more necessary to elect a woman rather than anyone with good policies. I still remember hearing Tavis Smiley admit, that when he did the research, black people suffered and were worse off after Obama than they were under Bush. But this doesn't occur to many, because electing the black guy was apparently some sort of sacrament to them.

But my conservative/libertarian ideology had a flaw in that these idiots seemed to get into office and then use their power to do things they shouldn't be able to do.

But Trump went ahead and won first. He'll get to implement his principles. He'll get to negotiate based on his principles.

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