Monday, November 28, 2016

The Japanese Love Ivanka

1.) Japanese admire success, beauty, and motherhood.
2.) Abe appears to be somewhat isolated even within his own party, which probably means he would make deals really good for America with Trump- IF he can sell them in Japan as good for Japanese too.
3.) American media still lies- even worse than the liberal Japanese media, who, apparently, can only 'insult' Ivanka by saying she's 'too pretty.'

I'd like to find more people like Yoko from various countries to build a clearer picture of what's going on- you know, do to the job we've been wanting the media to do all these years. Unfortunately, the mainstream media, when they aren't pushing leftist crap, are pushing whatever the intelligence agencies want us to believe. Also, since they struggle to make money, they tend to need bad news, conflict, etc...- which results in higher traffic for them, but less good for us. Despite various liberal and libertarian worries about Trump's call to change libel laws, we can actually benefit from forcing those in the business of news to hold a higher standard.

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