Monday, November 28, 2016

The Founding Fathers Were Fathers

Once, long ago, but not in a land far away, fathers actually thought about what they would leave to their children.

I have seen some critiques of the white identity movement, along with some of the white identity stuff itself, where the whole issue of race seems to be overshadowing this much more basic truth. Certainly, the founding fathers were also white, but...

Whoever you are, whatever your conception of America is, you should admit to yourself that if the founding father's intention of preserving and improving the lives of their own descendants fail, then whatever you want out of America is going to fail too.

You might have had a bad father. One who did not think about the future much. One who was not concerned with providing for future generations. The left's answer seems to be to completely ignore the wishes of the good fathers. They take what they can. They often pretend to be distributing it, but somehow a lot of it ends up in their own hands- as the Haitians can attest to.

So, initially, it might seem good to you to stick with the left, especially if you are obviously not one of the the founding father's descendants, because they are willing to just give you something. But, you can look around and, perhaps, notice that trust fund babies (for all theirs neuroses) are living better than you are. The real thing you want is a good father, not a distributive government.

The first reality is that conditions need to be created where fathers actually produce- to our modern minds it would be appropriate to say over-produce, because this is what the founding fathers and most fathers before modernity did. When they could, they would produce more than they or their living family needed so that the family would have it in the future, when he was no longer around.

The second reality is that if you aren't an actual descendant from a good father (or a founding father) you should realize what you are asking for is really adoption. Unless, of course, you are just asking for the destruction of the family for your own immediate benefit.

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