Friday, January 13, 2017

Hypothesis: Russian Hacking Now Has Same Neuro-Linguistic Intent As Climate Change

It wasn't always climate change; it used to be global warming, and the proposed mechanism for the warming was carbon dioxide. Now, under normal scientific circumstances, as predictions based on carbon dioxide levels consistently failed to predict warming, researchers would put this non-functional hypothesis to rest. Unfortunately, the billions of dollars in climate research came with the requirement that you keep this stupid hypothesis. And then, of course, there are those who have made a political career out of this nonsense.

So, instead of admitting this was bad science, they simply abstracted, to climate change. The implication, of course, is that we still need to do whatever it is that they say, but now they don't have to check their work- now any change is supposed to support their position.

But, the seemingly trite response- climate is always changing- is true, and is, of course a thinking man's response.

Now, let's consider that hackers are always hacking. There's legal hacking- so much so that legit people who like to hack prefer you call the illegal sort crackers- and there is illegal hacking. There's also state sponsored hacking. There's corporate sponsor hacking. Hacking is always happening.

Since hacking is always happening, and there are many smart Russians, it is statistically possible that a Russian or two is always hacking.

Probably true that there are Americans, Chinese, etc... always hacking too.

What is obvious, is that Putin can't know about all of the hacking.

Additionally, we've got Seth Rich as a possible source (he died under suspicious circumstances), and this Guccifer 2.0.

Of course, those continually employing the term, 'Russian hacking' don't talk about Seth Rich, and like to pretend that underneath the Guccifer handle there lurks a Russian paid by the Russian government.

This is probably bullshit, and wouldn't matter a bit if it were true.

Because the outcome of these leaks is simply that more people know more of the truth.

Meanwhile, we have this fake news story on Trump that is so stupid, it's laughable- and, apparently this is something CIA/FBI has been, at various points, involved in trying to create since Trump started his campaign. They were looking for angles. Frankly, they were kind of stupid on this one- there are much more plausible stories. Why use the Russians as to boogeyman? You can get more traction with organized crime in N.Y. and or deals with nations Trump has actually done business in. I suspect they picked Russia because they are desperately trying to continue this failed narrative in Syria, but we know the U.S.G.'s rebels are actually terrorists, and that Assad and the Russians have been liberating Aleppo.

Someone is always hacking. It is statistically possible, especially with the help of bots, that a Russian is always hacking. But, just like climate change, what they want us to do seems to be deeply at odds with what would actually improve the situation.

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