Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moderate Risk Business Idea

The norm for steroid using body builder is a six week cycle, though it seems people are getting crazier and staying on all the time. Certainly doing a lot more than necessary. The recreational user though, happens to be a guy like me- I am not using steroids, mind you, but I happen to be aware that I am part of the demographic for whom they are most attractive.

And then there is the reality that a lot of people are under-muscled, and that despite the obvious health benefits from muscle, the anti-male campaigns have encouraged less muscle.

The flip side, of course, is that those who get into the muscle game often go for too much. Why would I say that? Well, I am 6'3. A reasonable top weight for me is 200lbs. I am currently 190lb and prone to lose weight if I don't pay attention- unless I am not paying attention and eating a lot of sweets, which means I would gain the wrong sort of weight.

So, although there's clearly a market, and somewhat of a need for increased muscle, there's also a need for realistic targets. We don't want to have to go through heroic amounts of food just for maintenance. Additionally, there's this thing called status, and some circumstantial evidence that 'too much' muscle marks people as low status. I tend to view the modern status game as folly, with people who are not authentically capable of much being awarded status because they are credentialed, or can mimic the right narrative- but unfortunately the status game exists, and we need to factor it in.

So, it seems to me there could be a vacation length solution, at least with regard to pharmaceutical help not currently legal in particular jurisdictions. They are legal elsewhere, and who knows what you can get up to international waters?

What would the intervention be? This would require research- although it is very likely various militaries of the world have done some of the preliminaries. It is not much of a problem to create an intervention into the hormonal milieu that would far outlast a normal vacation; it is, however, a bit of a struggle to make it comfortable. Additionally, the after-effects would preferably be minimal and predictable, so that supplements, dietary advice, etc- can be provided.

I continue to believe that, for a variety of modern ills, additional muscle can help ameliorate them. Long ago I wrote that I prefer honest losers to those currently popping psychiatric medications:
So, the honest losers are at least getting a decent high out of their regime. And I suspect some folks aren't even losers- we probably could provide ourselves with a host of benefits with very little risk with an intelligent course of steroids. Testosterone would make these people feel better, and the resulting change in body composition would provide the patient with a lasting improved biological environment. Yes, they'd have to learn to eat right and keep themselves running properly, but they'd be in a far better place.

The reason I believe this is because muscle is alive and contributes to the process that is you. If there were an intervention resulting in more muscle, then, long after the intervention, the muscle would be there. Sure, some activity is necessary to maintain it, but that activity is more likely when it is there because the mountain doesn't seem as high when you have more of the stuff it takes to climb it.

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