Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Successful Female Candidate

If you want a female president, don't run Hilary. But it isn't just Hilary. Don't run anyone who looks like a schoolteacher.
Many of us Americans, of every race, creed, and gender, have had bad schoolteachers.

And often, these bad schoolteachers were cultural Marxists.

They perpetrate a form of child abuse. And it just gets worse over time.

Recently I heard that they separated the little kids, the boys from the girls, and that they encourage the girls to tell on the boys. The slightest touch, and suddenly there needs to be an investigation, etc...

I suppose this has escaped the attention of all the female aspirants to high office, but if you look like the creeps who put us through crap, you aren't getting in, especially if you talk like those creeps too. Hilary failed because she fits this archetype like a glove.

I know that there is, in some way, a resurgence of identity politics because young whites are noticing they need to defend themselves on the identity level.
But, in some sense, Hilary's loss should signal the end of the more traditional identity politics game, because the jig is up.

Incidentally, I suspect Tulsi Gabbard might know some of this. She went to Syria, and promotes what I believe to be true about Syria. Right now she's more trustworthy to me than Paul Ryan, who still calls Assad a butcher. It would be highly sensible of her to fund research into what sort of things signal schoolteacher, and then avoid them.

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