Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fix Medicine In America: Make Everything OTC

There is bad service, misdiagnosis, socialism, and general stupidity in medicine today.

And, when you go to a doctor, they are happy to keep you on a merry-go-round of appointments, tests, and whatnot- none of it designed to get you well, but instead designed to keep you coming in the door.

One of the ways they maintain the status quo is via the need for prescriptions.

I can easily imagine a scenario or three of cheap, low side-effect medications that I could and should just try, just to see if they would help me.

I can also imagine the retarded medical sector. $50 out of pocket, but certainly more, in the range of $100-200 for an appointment with a specialist. Said specialist will not give me the mostly safe drugs without tests, and all told the tests will easily hit $500, probably more. And, as I have found out before, they tend to not find anything wrong- until, of course, things have gotten really bad.

So at least $750 up front, before I even get to a prescription or two- and these should be dirt cheap generics, but they probably aren't anymore because of the psychotic monopoly powers our government has granted pharmaceutical companies.

Just make it all OTC. And when I say OTC, I don't mean we've got to go completely crazy- a pharmacist probably ought to advise, and potentially even turn someone down if they don't think the person has the wherewithal to make good decisions.

End the tyranny of the prescription pad. You will find medical costs rapidly become much cheaper.

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