Monday, February 20, 2017

Why The Media's Strategy Against Trump Will Fail

The constant attempt to paint Trump as a liar fails because most of us know we are being lied to, and Trump does not sound like a liar, but like someone trying to arrive at the truth in an age of uncertainty.

Trump knows there are big lies, but he is not always sure what the big lies are. He remembers Climategate, so he knows much of global warming is fraud. But, like all of us, he is regularly exposed to the media. So, for instance, he appears to think Russia invaded Crimea.

This is a lie and is probably promoted both by the intelligence agencies and the media.

Previous to American meddlers like Victoria Nuland helping overthrow an elected government in Kiev, after which, of course, nefarious people like her presided over the sort of pretend elections that she likes, the Russians had a deal with Ukraine. They have a naval base in Crimea.

Now, think about what this means. It means the Russians were always there. They didn't invade.

They simply responded. First, and perhaps most importantly, to defend their base. Secondarily, the Crimeans had a referendum to join Russia. A referendum that seems a lot more honest than the elections in Kiev, given the fact that the Russian base is there and the locals are likely to have been living and working with Russians for quite a long time.

Despite appearing to believe the media's lies about Crimea, Trump still says we should get along with Russia.

Which is why the media's strategy of calling Trump a liar won't work. He doesn't look like a liar; he looks like one of us, trying to figure out what right. In two ways- one, what is actually true- and two, what is the right thing to do. Trump hammers this point home when he points out what would be politically advantageous to him versus what he is trying to do. I hope the American people are smart enough to understand this. Certainly the middle class, having seen the incredible rise in Obamacare prices, are thankful he doesn't want to wait until even the poor start screaming about how broken this system is.

The false narratives that they continue to embrace will bury them. Meanwhile, Trump sometimes get things wrong. So do I. So does everyone trying to figure out what is really going on. Trump will pass or fail on what he actually gets done- not on his speeches. Indeed, he's already won on his speeches.

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