Wednesday, February 8, 2017

That Lying New York Times: Pocahontas Edition

And this is only a critique of the headline, because why would I bother reading this crap:

Shutting down speech by Elizabeth Warren, GOP Amplifies Her Message

No. By shutting down her speech, they didn't have to listen to her anymore.

Yes, I know, you are going to write about her. Stupid leftist media is going to put her on T.V.

But guess what? I can avoid all that. So can the Senate.

We can just turn your stuff off.

But, if Warren is allowed to speak drivel in the Senate, then they will hear her, unless they leave, or tell her to shut up.

It just so happens to be a bit more economical for her to shut up, rather than to have everybody else walk out.

Now, hopefully, the milder gentler sort of Republican figures out now, before they get assaulted, that accusations of racism, etc... is a prelude to violence against the persons identified as racist. Individuals have already been attacked, and anyone who is not a leftist is a racist in these people's eyes.

It is no longer the time to be timid about stopping these people. Indeed, the politicians tend to be slow on the uptake, because they've got more protection than the average guy. So, while people get pepper sprayed and beaten with poles, we've still got people who should be on our side whining about how we should be 'nice.' Screw nice.

Shut the violence, and the pretext for violence, down.

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