Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Does The Alt-Right Exist?

Idiot CPAC organizer Dan Schnieder was, of course, not doing his job when he started calling out the Alt-Right.

What do I mean? Both conservatives and libertarians, in order to meet any sane standard of those terms, should be able to understand and agree to the following.

1) There has been open and systematic discrimination against white men in America. Preferences for 'diversity' where meritocracy and skills matter. It is deeply unjust.

2) The rights of private property and freedom of association have been taken away in this country. This is also unjust.

But Dan Schnieder is not addressing this issue. He is not trying to right the wrongs. Instead, Schnieder wants to call people racist. To call the alt-right, leftist.

Well, the the leftism charge is technically true in a sense, but coming from someone like Schnieder, it is stupid.

Hey Dan, you have failed these people. They are younger than me. Younger than you. Supposedly you know the abstract principle. Congratulations- now stop being a dick and get to correcting the injustices

The Alt-Right became what it is because you left these kids in leftist run schools. You capitulated, over and over, in order to appear nice, egalitarian, etc...

The Alt-Right exists because you never took a look at this stuff and said, yeah, maybe we'll look bad, but these laws are unjust, and we need to fix them. You never took a look at those schools and stopped the future alt-rightists from being abused by cultural Marxists.

I don't understand this crap. The libertarian party just sort of threw itself down, letting Gary Johnson get too high and talk about racism. Now here comes CPAC, and conservatives are going to do the same thing. Did any of these principles actually motivate you? Do you understand that, even if you don't like somebody you still are supposed to advocate for their private property and freedom of association? Do you understand the major injury you do to our economic ability when you ignore the advantages of distribution of labor and allow academia to allocate positions on the basis of race rather than on merit? You guys are supposed to be the guys with an understanding of economy. What's more, you are supposed to be the guys with an understanding of right and wrong.

You should be able to look at Richard Spencer and and figure this out. He is not someone to hate. It was surprising to me, but in retrospect quite understandable. If you libertarians and conservatives- you 'principled' people somehow never get around to righting the wrongs done to white men in this country, well, why would they care about your principles?

Or, on the flip side- if you don't like Spencer, act now and solve his problems- by implementing those principles- before something worse than Spencer shows up.

I figured out in 2008 that it wasn't worth voting. I already knew the left was the enemy. But John McCain and the rest of you bastards voted for the bailouts just like the democrats did, which made it very clear, you guys- you CPAC cucks- are just as much the enemy as anyone on the left is. You guys couldn't even play nice with Ron Paul and his people. You've shoved everyone out until there's nobody left. And it is you, dear idiot, who need votes. You who need funding. It is you that shall disappear.

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Wynn Lloyd said...

These buffoons are perpetually stuck in 1980.
They will become dinosaurs soon enough.