Thursday, April 13, 2017

If Not True, Useful

Best case scenario: Mike Cernovich is right, Trump figures out the scam, and throws the bums out. Second best case: Trump learns of this narrative, sees it is useful to him, throws the bums out. To make either extra good, actually repent, and admit American presidents shouldn't do this crap even if the gas attacks were true.

That's how Trump could get out of the hole. If Kushner and Bannon both don't want war, then they ought to be okay with showing the press a united front, even if they don't like each other.

As a digression perhaps, because maybe you don't know. Brainstorming, and large meetings are foolish things, unless you are a sociopath engaging in a little theater to make your people go along with what you want to do. If you are actually trying to get good ideas from people, you need confrontations between smart people. Smart people like their ideas, so they'll fight for them. But they'll also hear the critique, and if it is any good, when they calm down, they'll start trying to make their idea better, in response to the critique.

So, as long as they are good people, you keep them around. But if the generals are giving Trump a false picture of the situation in order to promote war, they should be out. And someone needs to be looking hard at whether or not they violated any laws. If we can't find any of our own laws, we could hand them over to the Syrians; I'm sure they violated a few of their laws.

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