Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Did Russia Demonstrate A Superior Defense System?

The interesting part of Putin's red line- is that they said America knows their ability to respond well.

As far I am able to ascertain, 60 missiles were launched, but only 23 hit. One simply failed, which leaves 36 missing.

There are various assumptions. Old missiles for instance. But they'd end up somewhere. Unless Russian anti-tomahawk tech works as advertised and they turned around, and dropped into the sea.

If they just used their passive systems to show what they could do, well it would be consistent with their style anyway.

And hopefully the military has enough sane people in it to interpret what it meant.

Of course Trump is now saying they aren't going into Syria. I'm inclined to think they noticed Russia military capacity and don't want to attack.

There's the big idea of something afoot with North Korea. Like I mentioned before, if it was symbolic, or meant for someone else's consumption, it was stupid. It leaves this fairy tale around, where the leader of the free world might just drop bombs on your enemies if you fake a good gas attack. This has been done for years- go talk to some pro-Palestinian activists and they'll tell you about a crap-ton of massacres you've never heard about- including poor beautiful babies!

If you really are worried about the babies, you definitely don't want ISIS thinking all they have to do is kill a few children and then point the finger at whoever they happen to be fighting at the time.

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