Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Internet Kettling?

Bruce Charlton:

From 21 April, the traffic for this blog has suddenly and without precedent plummeted - halved from over 3000 to about 1500 daily views; and also the Google daily search listings for my name have halved.

(Indeed this trend of - deliberately - declining sensitivity for Google searches has been going on for more than a year.)

I've no idea what happened - but somebody, somewhere apparently doesn't like me - or people like me - or blogs... and some kind of new block or delisting or whatever is now/ was put in place.

There's also been something similar noted at vault-Co.

Sometimes youtubers complain about similar stuff.

I can't complain; my numbers never rose very high in the first place, as far as I know anyway.

But what if we are sort of allowed to play in the sandbox, except the sandbox can't really be found?

I don't think this stops those aggravated enough organize. People on the alt-right are now showing up to route Antifa. It makes the news. People want to know more.

But if they do this, then many of the deeper thinkers won't show up in search. It creates a simplified version of the conflict- not necessarily one the left will win, either. People are getting real tired of the anti-white stuff. People are getting tired of the anti-male stuff too. You think anybody at Fox wants to hire a woman? Or maybe they'll just go all women, all the time- fewer lawsuits and more legs- but the ratings will plummet eventually.

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