Monday, April 24, 2017

You Have To Go Back

If things keep going the way they have been, 'You have to go back' will be the political message of this decade.

It works rather elegantly. If you have a place to go back to, you get the message. If you are a progressive trying to 'go forward', you get the message.
If you are among the various peoples in America who don't have a place to go back to, well hopefully it begins to dawn on us we've got something in common. Realistically a lot of people can't go back.

But rhetorically, it cuts through a lot of garbage. It's like when I was new to the internet, and I thought the anti-feminist meme 'make me a sandwich' was pure idiocy. Then, much later, I started to realize that many of these feminist arguments sort of deserved that response. I'm rhetorically challenged, but eventually it began to dawn on me these little memes seemed more effective than refutation of points.

Identity politics is not my cup of tea either. Still think most of our discontent would be well served with freedom of association and private property. Oh, and some respect for your ancestors, even if you are a politician. They are taking down the Lee statue in New Orleans, along with some other civil war statues. I think this is criminal, not just because of our history, but because of the future's lack of it. They keep erasing everything. People learn less and less.

The people who made New Orleans were, arguably, more diverse than Detroit. But people don't invest in creating a New Orleans nor a Detroit when they know what the outcome will be. Instead they leave. Much like sane men don't actually engage with feminists- certainly don't marry them. These are all deal breakers.

The best memes appear, at least obliquely, to reference the broken deal.

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