Monday, April 24, 2017

Ridiculous Opportunities For A Contrarian College Or University

Recently, William H. Briggs pointed out he no longer works for Cornell.

He's a statistician, relatively sane, possible still a little to soft in that passive conservative noble loser sense- but I've got a feeling we could toughen him up.

This reminds me of a few others- Jordan B. Peterson. I think he's a psychologist.

And Steve Keen, an economic professor. Of course, there's various folks associated with too.

So, okay, academia is just a bunch of rent-seeking morons now, but I am a wishful thinker. I wish there was actually a place where some real work could get done- and I think there's real value in getting good folks together. People who are actually thinking, rather than propagandizing.

And, naturally, the people who aren't propagandizing are having a hard time getting good positions in Propaganda U. Luckily, some of them can fund themselves thanks to the internet, though it remains to be seen how sustainable that will be long term.

So, it seems to me you can find high talent right now and accommodate them.

And, you get good arguments started. Perhaps even good research done.

I was listening to Rana Foroohar on the EconTalk podcast. She and Russ Roberts talked about a wide range of things pertaining to the tumor on the economy called the financial sector. One of the things she mentioned was that research and development has plummeted because corporations now keep that money around to do things like stock buy-backs.

Oh, I thought, that's why there's no demand for people like me.

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