Tuesday, April 11, 2017

That Something Might Be Intended As A Symbol Does Not Mean It Isn't Stupid

There's a forlorn hope out there that Trump's attack on Syria was meant to do something other than simply be one of the biggest, most idiotic things he could ever do.

This is an attempt at creating a fan club escape hatch, but there isn't one. Except perhaps repentance, which might work. Trump may have genuinely believed the sob story about the babies. Well, stop trying to come up with some secret strategy game in which this bombing isn't retarded, and try to get Trump the evidence. He probably won't listen, since most people who commit to this path tend to continue to justify it long after anyone reasonable would.

Withdraw and stop sending money, supplies, assets. Sure, I feel like we should help the Kurds out (not the commie ones). But ISIS lives on our assets and flourishes because of American foreign policy.

The Neocons appear to be insistent on making Bin Laden's dreams come true. He wanted a Caliphate, and, well, America went over there and kept bombing all the secular states into the ground until it looks like a caliphate might be on the menu.

But anyway, on of the most depressing things is that most Americans are still okay with this crap, supposedly. The polls could false, but whatever. That CNN is still on the air is a problem. One would have thought they'd be out of business by now. Though I suppose they get subsidized by the CIA, you'd think if their viewership fell to where it should be even the CIA would give up on CNN.

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