Wednesday, April 12, 2017

There's Still Stuff To Be Hopeful For

Trump can be depended upon to be selfish. The slight against Bannon is indicative of this. Frankly, its also stupid. He needs Bannon. He'll be a better president with Bannon.

But frankly, the fact that Trump is president is still probably better for us, despite the pointless war crime.

Selfish Trump wants the estate sale tax gone. He's thinking about his future, beyond his death even, and he wants whats good for him.

It just so happens that will be good for us.

I've been thinking about this since the Japanese right were trying to alter their constitution, only to have their emperor go on T.V. and suggest he wanted to retire.

There's no easy path back to where we were. Tradition is good, but progressives have spent much time and energy mining everything. So you go back to what you think is traditional, but it blows up in your face.

But there was only one way things grew- families worked hard to get ahead. They expected to be able to keep what they earned, and hand it down to their heirs.
The men who created Detroit would be far less likely to have ever done so if they knew it was going to be handed over and destroyed in the name of democracy.

A lot of people are looking at other things, like immigration going down. Well, immigration can go back up- and frankly, there are still a lot of folks about. You can bomb Syria, but the legal system goes into to full retard mode if you try to keep people out of the country.

Just remember most of these supposedly awesome things can be reversed in 4-8 years. It doesn't require a functioning Democrat party; the cucks will do it.

But Trump is selfish. He knows he has to get these estate taxes gone, and he knows he needs to roadblock any action against his estate.

And if he does a good job being selfish, he may well make it possible for families to become strong again. For the natural aristocracy to rise again. Of course, the natural aristocracy also falls sometimes; you've got to administrate well, and marry well, or else your family falls. Some other family takes your place.

But this the long game nobody wants to play. Everybody wants to seize the government and try to implement a program, and they usually need your family's money in order to do it. But selfish Trump has a different incentive. And I hope it tugs on his heart more than his apparent desire to be loved.

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