Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fire Rosenstein And The Rest of The Rabble

The plan of the 白左 is to destroy President Trump. Many appear to be a bit brain damaged and remain unaware of this basically reality:

The things Trump has done wrong have been things all the politicians he beat would have done, or when he trusts Republican politicians too much. And the olive branches to the left- so many of those-
but they are ignored, or burned with lighter fluid

The things Trump has done right usually make people hysterical.

I don't like the hysteria, but it might be good. Imagine if Churchill was an SJW. We shall be hysterical on the beaches...

Frankly, I hope Trump fires every Obama era left-over. After Rosenstein, trust none of them. This is an emergency. The first thing you have to do is get the bad people away from the reigns of power. We can function for a while without these institutions. The impulse, of course, is to keep the institutions running, but, you can't do that if they will just stab you in the back. And the huge problem is, you can't just trust the Republicans. Any so-called professional is suspect. You'd do better pulling random truckers off the road and handing them the job.

The institutions need to be torn down, and put back up- and then they need to be investigating D.C. Democrats and Republicans alike. I'm thinking like three people from both houses of Congress would likely get a free pass. I can only name two- Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul. I know there is a third, but I don't remember his name. Everybody else is suspect. We've got voting history and C-Span.

Unfortunately, there are still too many idiots who a least pretend to be on the right who want to insist on an impossible level of behavior, a level of behavior none of us ever even expected from Trump anyway. And what has trying gotten him? Nothing. He should have assumed he was in a war for his life from day one. When he bombed Syria and cited our national security interests, that was typical bullshit that politicians do. If, while he is in the Middle East, bombs D.C. and cites national security interests, that would be far more legitimate because D.C. is the parasite. They are the world's parasite, and our national insterests are constantly being consumed by them.

I do believe bombing to be a little too indiscriminate for D.C., given that there might be a few decent people somewhere in the city, but what I am trying to make clear is what is and isn't in our national security interests. Another example- a good relationship with Russia- cooperation, collaboration, etc...- all good for our national interests. There is no downside for us- for the people, for the nation. Especially with regard to dealing with Muslim terrorism, there's a great need to work in concert with Russia and China. People need to look at a map sometimes and allow geography to inform their logic.

But, as you can imagine, the powers that still are prefer a made up witch hunt over finding out who killed Seth Rich and why. Which might actually put yet another bullet hole in this stupid anti-Russian story, because they like to pretend that a Russian hacked something, but they've never proven anyone was Russian, much less where the paychecks came from.

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