Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Hope The Firing Continues Until Morale Improves

I would love to see a woke Whitehouse spokesperson, who would mostly agree and amplify on every hysterical framing the press comes up with.

I figure the easy way would be that everytime they suggest Trump is worse than Hitler, say 'gee, I hope so' but then say you don't think so because Trump is a grandpa. Hitler was many things, but he didn't have heirs and a multi-billion dollar legacy to think about.

This would be a sort of reverse triangulation, where the white left might eventually realize Trump is pretty damn moderate compared to what is going to happen if they imprison or kill him, which is what I think they are ramping up to do.

I wonder if Trump remembers Pinochet. The left chased that man around the globe. They don't forget; they don't forgive. The only way Trump survives with the lifestyle he is accustomed to is by removing a massive number of people from power. This should also include putting a number of criminals in jail, but one should always prioritize getting them away from D.C.

Trump is taking a huuuuuuge risk doing this Middle East tour, mostly because the Deep State has plenty of assets there, and may be able to attack under the guise of Muslim terrorism.

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