Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Statue Removal In New Orleans And What It Really Means

I guess most folks must be unaware that New Orleans city politics has been mostly black for a really long time. The current mayor has Katrina to thank for his ability to get elected- both some demographic changes and some folks got taken out on corruption charges. So an old white democrat family temporarily got its old haunt back.

The political calculus is this- do what various black governments of New Orleans never did in the hopes of keeping black competitors at bay. Additionally, this probably plays well with the white left in the city.

Various black mayors, as well as countless councilmen, have talked about this stuff, but in the end, they knew these historical monuments were actually important to the value of the city. Or maybe they just didn't care enough. In either case, the statue removal only makes sense as yet another selfish and self interested grab by the house of Landrieu.

But the demographics have only been arrested, not reversed. And he will inevitably lose to a black candidate, unless he loses to a much less likely white uprising. Probably most of the whites in New Orleans are 白左, so they are happy. But they will also be happy with a photogenic black candidate...

And, as Hilary would notice if she could stop deluding herself, the blacks didn't turn out for her, so I doubt many of them are going to turn out for Landrieu.

I haven't paid too much attention to his policies, but given that I am already skeptical of his motives, I need to keep an eye out for policies that would encourage the demographics to flow in a direction that is beneficial to him- that is more 白左. He could technically even go for more diversity (as long as the ethnic populations remained too small to field a candidate against him), but he would need to encourage blacks to move away from the city. And to do that without ruining his narrative will require a sociopathy I cannot fathom.

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