Thursday, May 25, 2017

Maybe Kombucha Isn't Good

One of the many confusing things about life for me is to be, on the one hand apparently healthy, and yet on the other suffering an unknown ailment.
Going to bed at night brings this up especially, because that is often when the pain in my side is most noticeable, and I wonder what the hell it might be.

And yet I still keep living, and keep myself generally more healthy than the folks around me.

And I used to be worse off in some ways- for quite a while I had to stop eating beef and pork because I would become nauseated after eating it and would experience various other effects, none of them fun.

And then there was the sensitivity to sulfur, which is still there to some extent, but no where near as bad- I can pretty much eat stuff that used to make me sick before; but I do need to be careful. i realized this recently when I tried brocoli sprouts, which is becoming the fad for it's alleged life extending properties. Well, the active ingredient is sulforaphane. It might make me live for ever, but it would be an intolerable forever.

But the beef, pork, chocolate, wine, etc...

Seems like I can handle them again and I wondered why.

From time to time On the No Agenda Show, John C. Dvorak will say contrary stuff. He says kombucha is bad for you, and that the leading apple cider vinegar brand in America has some bad bacteria in it. He also occasionally mentions that he and/or his wife will come out with a vinegar book, but it is a running joke that Dvorak never gets around to publishing the books he talks about writing.

But anyway, I used to drink kombucha. In fact, kombucha, along with that vinegar, correlates strongly with my gut health deteriorating. I got 'healthy' I lost weight, and I was also in and out of the health food store really often, and I'd get one of these fermented products on a regular basis. In fact, I once was making kombucha at home.

Then I stopped drinking kombucha. At some point I tried beef again, and it seems like I can eat it without detriment. I say seems because I still suffer pain and I can't tell whether or not the beef makes it worse. I recently had pork too, and it seems okay too.

Perhaps some of the kombucha bacteria is not good for humans, and when it gets in the gut, it screws things up. It would make sense- this would be the sort of thing the doctors couldn't see on x-ray.

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