Friday, June 2, 2017

Hilary And The DNC

John and Adam deconstructed Hilary's insane rationalization for her loss on the No Agenda Show.
She has a conspiracy theory with lots of moving parts, but there's one thing she is right about: the DNC was in terrible shape.

Because the DNC became a place for the likes of Sally Boynton Brown:

The degeneracy had to be a long time coming for such a speech to come AFTER HILARY'S LOSS! After anti-white messaging had already been shown, beyond any shadow of a doubt, to turn away whites, and not improve minority voting in any way.

So, I could totally see the Clintons getting the nomination, and then suddenly realizing the DNC crew is a joke. It would be really interesting, by the way, to see if Hilary's statement- that she, as a candidate, had to fund the DNC- is true. It is the most likely to be true, because it is the most likely to be personal, real, something directly to hand, whereas she seems to permit herself wilder fantasies abroad.

And, perhaps most interestingly, she doesn't really come up with anything actionable against Trump or his campaign. This 'coordination' of alt-media assets is dubious at best- mostly betrays a basic misunderstanding about how things travel on the internet. The Russians, if they want to, can make all sorts of things up- and if anything is good, it will go viral because some American will see it and share it with his followers. The entire reason I'll watch something on RT is because they manage to stay slightly less insane than CNN- so, again, there's another crew she can blame- CNN, not the Russians. If everyone is putting out better stuff, and your people are turning what is still the most important voting base off, then you are screwed.

But your opponent didn't do anything illegal.

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